Why LED Lights are Awesome for DIY Grows

You may have heard of people using LED grow lights for their DIY grows and wondered if they are actually effective? The short answer is, YES they must definitely are!

Traditionally growers have used HPS, CFL and HID lighting systems to get great yields. Considering the price difference and the matching efficiency of LED lights, the HPS, HID & CFL bulbs might become increasingly outdated.

Why pay more for a lighting system to grow cannabis when you can use a more cost-effective, low maintenance alternative… And still get similar calibre results?

LED grow lights

Here’s THREE reasons why I personally only use & recommend LED grow lights:


It is a blaringly obvious fact that not only are LEDs cheaper to buy, they are also a financially sound option to run as you use substantially less electricity.

Apart from this, LEDs give you they option to be discrete when buying & as a bonus you can set up a DIY grow easily for under $100. And get buds. Nice, fast, potent ones like those below!


Every grower wants a fantastic yield. No grower wants dwindly,  meagre buds. Any one that is serious about setting up a small (definitely a large-) grow will tell you that the main aim is to get dense, fat, sticky, trich’ed up buds that are potent and smell fantastic.

Growing with LEDs does not hold you back. Many have tried and tested this and will confirm they get beautiful buds (assuming you look after her well).


I guess this is a personal preference. I find it’s harder to reduce the heat in a grow room than to increase the heat.

If the bulbs are getting too hot & your plants are getting tall, you risk burning leaves and/or flowers.

Similarly, if you have too much humidity in the room, that can have a knock on effect on your plant… High heat means your plant utilises the water more rapidly, which necessitates you watering more often to keep the plant alive. Which then increases the chances of your humidity level going up, possibly resulting in bud rot if your room does not have enough ventilation.

Soooo…. To avoid all that, I find it easier to use LED grow lights so I can control the environment more tightly.

Of course because you need to be able to warm up the room, that increases your cost marginally as you need to purchase an effective heater. Good news is that you can get inexpensive but highly efficient heaters like this one >>  Lasko 754200 Ceramic Heater with Adjustable Thermostat (over 12,000 positive reviews, under $25).

To show you I practice what I preach, here is a autoflower grow I did with the Autoseeds Berry Ryder strain.

You can see the progression from seedling…

… to vegetation… 

vegetation stage of berry ryder under LED grow lights

... to flowering (various weeks)..

flowering autoflower berry ryder under LED grow lights

… to finally harvesting!!… and all done with LED lights!

harvesting berry ryder from autoseeds grown under LED lights
Total harvest weight = 251g of Berry Ryder Buds


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