Auto Seeds Berry Ryder Grow Diary: Week 1 to 5 – Vegetation Stage

Cannabis auto grows seem to receive a bad rep and I felt like before I knocked it, I should try it. The short of it is that the stereotypical view of autogrows is far off the mark – they are fruitful. They do provide potent, fat buds. . . and you do get a great yield.

I’ve been documenting my grows on GrowDiaries for a while now and always receive great feedback – recently I decided to do something similar on my own site. Here is a week by week account of the Berry Ryder, a very fruitful strain from AutoSeeds with great genetics!

I kick off this grow series with the vegetation stage which lasted roughly 5 weeks – I am very pleased with the end result and if the current size is anything to go with, I will probably get an awesome yield from it.

Have a look and see what you think – if you have any questions, add them in the comments section below, I will try my best to answer.



I only bought one Berry Ryder seed from Autoseeds… it was a lovely big seed & I was pleased by that! To be frank, I didn’t expect much as I couldn’t find more than one video on youtube showcasing this strain but she started off with a bang in a 30L airpot, some canna terra pro with 1/4 coco and mycofungi 💪!

Auto Berry Ryder - Week ONE

Auto Berry Ryder - Week ONE ii

Auto Berry Ryder - Week ONE iii


So I came across Master Tangs videos on youtube where he linked to forums he is active in. I found it interesting when he mentioned giving nutrients on day ten from seed to ensure the plant has enough nutes to flower as quick as possible and as vigorously as possible.  🙌 Big Up TANG 🙏!!!!  I found this made a definite difference… especially as my homemade mix tea stretches the veg time so this helps to neutralise that effect. Her inter-nodal structure was lovely and she was already bustin’ out the branches!😏

Auto Berry Ryder - Week TWO

Auto Berry Ryder - Week TWO ii

Auto Berry Ryder - Week TWO iii


She had lovely movement this week! We saw popped pistils, got a soil mix top up and I find she looked healthy and ready to bush up! Really wish I could have more growing together!!

Auto Berry Ryder - Week THREE ii

Auto Berry Ryder - Week THREE iii


At this stage the thirst was REAL! She started really drinking, half litre a day on average! As you can see she started to turn to a bush!! To be honest, I couldn’t wait to see some bud sites, but we have learnt that growing is a patience game so yea that would come soon!

Auto Berry Ryder - Week FOUR iii

Auto Berry Ryder - Week FOUR ii

Auto Berry Ryder - Week FOUR


You have to appreciate AutoSeed genetics – she really surprised me with her size in such a short space of time, and how healthy she looked! This week she filled out the space and I had to defoliate a little. I really wanted to do it naturally without disturbing her at all as I initially did think she would be smaller…but hey, the more the better!! Can’t complain in the slightest!

Auto Berry Ryder - Week FIVE iii

Auto Berry Ryder - Week FIVE

Auto Berry Ryder - Week FIVE ii

If you want to see more pictures of each week and see the details of the pH, lights, nutrient types and amounts, light schedules and height, visit my grow diary on Grow Diaries >>> Danky Moons Grow Diary – Berry Ryder!




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